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The Casually Obsessed trailer is available now! Stream it here, or find it on your favorite pod catcher.


I’ve always loved a lot of things. 

Books and tv shows and music. I’d fall in love with a thing and it would be all I could think about. Different obsessions took different forms. I’d fall in love with a show and read everything about it that I could. I’d get obsessed with a song and listen to it over and over and over again.

I started thinking of the way I fell in love with pieces of content and pop culture as casual  obsessions. To be casually obsessed is to love a thing with your whole heart; a heart which is big enough to love a lot of different things. 

What all of my obsessions had in common was that I couldn’t stop thinking about them and I wanted to know what other people thought about them too. Which is how the Casually Obsessed podcast was born.

Casually Obsessed is a new podcast of long form conversations about the content we can’t stop thinking about. That book we want everyone to read, that television show we rewatch. It’s a podcast not about loving one thing, but loving many things — fervently and sometimes fleetingly.

You can expect a rotating roster of guests having in-depth conversations, giving thoughtful recommendations, and a hot take or two.

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